REDEMPTION DAYS is a novel with rainbow colors

Some news in bookstores with the novel ‘Redemption Days’ with rainbow colors

Each of us, forms our own cultural background in the course of our life, thanks to reading, many then decide to dwell on certain literary genres in preference to others.

One reads for various reasons. One reads to spend a few hours in total relaxation. You read to escape from the routine of modern life increasingly hectic and chaotic. You read to be transported on dream journeys and to familiar or fantastic places with characters and stories created by the minds of writers. You read to escape from everyday life and visit unique and wonderful places. You can also read to identify with the events of the various protagonists who animate those stories.

Books that you read and re-read.

Books that you start and then put aside.

Books that you read only once and that’s it.

Books that remain lonely on the shelves.

Books that remain months and months on the bedside table to be read from time to time.

Books that stay with us throughout our lives.

The novel ‘Redemption Days’ could be one, none, and a hundred thousand of these books.

A novel that talks about an ancient but still all too current topic.

A novel that takes your breath away with an intense pace that grabs you from the very first pages.

The story is set in New York City, where a group of friends, united by their membership in the American Nation led by the grand old man and mentor them all with the sole objective of creating an Aryan supremacist nation, where there is no room to be themselves.

A family that will find themselves in the vortex of this hatred and will be forced to face an immense tragedy with a dramatic ending. And a war within the American Nation in which nothing is as it seems.

Twists and turns, characters with clear and real personalities that little by little, through their various vicissitudes will manage to become aware of their true ‘I’, their true human nature — relegated to a dark corner of their souls — for a path that will lead them to their own inner redemption.

A novel that is never trivial, even if in some places it’s easy to guess some scenes, but it’s never predictable and the pages flow fast to find out how the story will end.

‘Redemption Days’ has a simple plot, no-frills but at the same time exciting, at times very raw, violent, without turns of phrase, nor clichés that at the end of reading will leave you — hopefully — with something to think about.

Redemption Days‘ is a novel against ignorance and against the fear of being oneself.

Redemption Days‘ is a novel not to be missed that will make you hope because, at the end of the day, love has only one name for all its forms. However, it manifests itself! While hate hides behind countless names!

Redemption Days‘ is a shadowy heart that will manage to redeem itself by finding the way to love and personal redemption!

Redemption Days‘ is a book worth reading with its merits and flaws.

Book synopsis: The United States. A group of friends and an association that cultivates ethnic discrimination, racial superiority, and the fight against any diversity as essential pillars of its doctrine. These are the main elements of this multi-faceted novel, at times raw and hard, far from pity and useless turns of phrase, in which extreme fanaticism leads a father to desire the evil of his homosexual son, to the point of acting personally for the annihilation of this inclination. Yet “REDEMPTION DAYS” is not a novel that takes away space for hope, the same feeling that will take possession of the protagonist’s page after page, directing them to arrive very differently from the departure, a goal in which ideas change, the true virtues emerge, evil and perversions are finally removed, to achieve so, in different ways, their individual redemption.



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